The pasteuriser is an integral part of the juice and cider making line of equipment. Having the right method of pasteurisation is incredibly important for managing product quality, safety and costs.

Thanks to the latest technologies, there are various forms of pasteurisation equipment to suit every need, from plug-in bath pasteurisers to comprehensive, complex tunnel pasteurisers. 

Core also offer a range of premium quality flash pasteurisers, which use innovative pipe-in-pipe heat exchange technology. This technology results in optimum heat exchange alongside easy automated operation, high capacities per hour, and quick cleaning.

Take a look at each of the types of pasteuriser below to learn more about which would best suit your needs.

Flash Pasteurisers

PAS compact flash pasteurisers are ideal for juice and cider producers. Their integrated temperature control system ensures that the juice is only released from the pasteuriser when it… more »

Chamber Pasteurisers - Hot Water Heated

Hot water heated chamber pasteurisers are ideal for pasteurising cold filled and closed bottles, whether they contain fruit juice, vinegar, cider, conserves or chutney, and even canned fruit… more »

Chamber Pasteurisers - Steam Heated

Steam heated chamber pasteurisers are ideal for larger scale production operations who are pasteurising cold filled and closed bottles. Whether you produce fruit juice, vinegar, cider, beer, conserves,… more »

Electric Pasteuriser 210 l/h

The EPAS 210 is an electricaly powered pasteuriser that incorporates a tubular coil-in-coil heat exchanger or greater heat exchange efficiency and ease of use. The unit has a capacity of… more »