Scharfenbergers systems for grape processing allow a gentle transport, destemming and selection of grapes, to provide wineries withy quality conscious and sophisticated grape processing. Innovative systems such as conveyor belts, vibration and selection tables and destemmers ensure an optimal selection process of the grapes. The modular designs assist the perfect combination for individual requirements.

Scharfenberger Destemmer Range AS 5 to 80

Scharfenberger destemmers are available in 7 different sizes with production capacities of 2 to 80 tonnes per hour, and are suitable for both machine and hand picked grapes.

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Scharfenberger Euroselect Destemmer

Scharfenberger destemmers have a wide range of adjustment options, such as variable speed motors for the de-stemming fingers and transport belt. These features allow for optimal separation of… more »

Scharfenberger Grape Crusher

Scharfenberger's Grape Crusher is capable of crushing up to 20 tonnes per hour, and is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and high quality food-grade materials. 

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