Increasingly, juice and cider producers are packaging their products for a wide range of retail and trade outlets.

That's why Core Equipment offers a range of filling machines covering gravity fed bottle fillers, vacuum assisted bottle fillers and bag-in-box fillers. We are the authorised UK distributor for Kreuzmayr, MEP and Cartobol bottling and bag-in-box filling equipment.

By far the most popular form of bottle filling is gravity-fed. We can supply gravity-fed bottle fillers in 2, 4, 6 and 8 nozzles sizes depending upon your capacity requirements. Bottle fillers can be fed either directly from a flash pasteuriser or via an integral buffer tank. Filling levels can be pre-set so the nozzles cut out once the pre-set level has been achieved. An external fill level tank gauge enables the operator to easily see the fluid level in the tank.

Vacuum assisted filling machines are ideal for more viscous liquids and oils. The ingenious Kreuzmayr KBF 1800 can be specified as a dual bottle filler and bag-in-box filler in one machine, saving cost, space and set-up time. Bag-in-box is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and to meet this demand we now offer a wide range of Bag-in-Box fillers. Features include the ability to fill bags with hot or cold liquid, filling rates of up to 1,800 litres per hour, accurate measurement by either weight or volume, vacuum assisted filling and gas injection.

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