Core Equipment offers the MEP range of crown capping and ROPP capping machines.

MEP produce capping equipment that is suitable for producers of all sizes, from manual capping machines through to automated equipment that can manage up to 1,000 bottles an hour. Their equipment can handle round bottles of different sizes and also square bottles.

MEP Avt 400 ROPP Capper For Threaded Bottle Necks

The Avt 400 is a robust and easy to use capping machine suitable for applying ROPP (Roll On Pilfer Proof), screw caps onto bottles with screw thread necks. The operator… more »

MEP C500 Pneumatic Crown Capping Machine

The C500 is a simple to operate crown capping machine suitable for the smaller producer. It is small, lightweight and can be bench mounted for ease of operation. Caps are… more »