CIP system by K+H

With the new CIP systems (CIP = Cleaning in Process) from KH we here at core are in the position to offer you a tailor-made cleaning system to meet all your demands.… more »

Tardito Manual Bottle Rinser - Model SM

A manual bottle rinsing machine that has 4 rinsing nozzles and that can be used for bottles of between 250ml to 1 litre.





Tardito Manual Bottle Rinser with Recycling Pump - Model SMP

A manual bottle rinsing machine that has 4 rinsing nozzles and a re-circulating pump to conserve water. The SMP can be used for bottles from 250ml to 1 litre.



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Tardito Semi-automatic Bottle Rinser - Model TP 10

The TP 10 is a semi-automatic bottle rinsing machine with a rotating table that has 10 rinsing stations. One operator loads and unloads the rotating table with bottles as it turns.


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C.I.P Cleaning Technology by Kiesel

The Kiesel CIP cleaning (Cleaning in place) system is capable of dealing with pipe lines, tanks, pumps, fillers, deberrying machines and conveyor belts can be cleaned via several cleaning procedures without disassembly… more »

High/Low pressure cleaners by Kiesel

High pressure cleaner with waste water extraction.


High pressure cleaner for Barrique barrels with waste water extraction. For each high pressure washer also included is a wood container for chemical cleaning… more »

MEP Ro 25 - 4 Nozzle Vacuum Filling Machine

The Ro25 vacuum-assisted filling machine can be used for either normal fluids or more viscous fluids such as rapeseed oil. It has four filling nozzles with conic seals and a mechanical level… more »