Scharfenberger's systems for grape processing provide incredibly gentle transport, destemming and selection of grapes, to provide wineries with quality conscious and sophisticated grape processing. Innovative systems such as conveyor belts, vibration and selection tables and destemmers ensure optimal grape selection. The modular designs allow seamless combinations to provide for individual requirements.

Scharfenberger Whole Cluster Conveyer

The Scharfenberger Whole Cluster Transport Belt is constructed of stainless steel with hydraulic height adjustment to allow for use with a range of other equipment. 

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Scharfenberger Sorting Table

A high quality sorting table constructed from stainless steel and food grade materials, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

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Scharfenberger Vibrating Sorting Table

The Scharfenberger Vibrating Grape Hopper is an ideal way in which to transport grapes whilst limiting damage to them. The vibrating action transports the grapes from the hopper reception area… more »