VinPilot provides a high quality and flexible range of fermentation control systems. Offering tank mounted control units, wall mounted control units, and advanced control and recording software. The range can be fully adapted and used in different set-ups to meet the users individual needs. 



Control systems can be set up purely for tank cooling, or can be used for both heating and cooling depending upon individual needs. A range of chiller units and heater-chiller units are also available to work alongside the control units. The range of chillers available are powerful enough to support cold-stabilisation of wine. 

The VinPilot system comprises some innovative features. All components are IP65 rated for water and dust protection, meaning that components can be hosed down during clean-down of tanks and you dont have to worry about damage. VinPilot systems use motorised ball valves to control coolant flow to individual tanks as opposed to solonoind valves which can be unreliable. 

Core Equipment's engineering team provide an installation and comissioning service for our fermentation control systems. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the right system to meet their individual needs. Our engineering team can install all components, along with chiller or heater-chiller units and entire plumbing systems.


Tank Mounted Control Units

Tank mounted control units provide precise tank-by-tank control, easily adjustable when working in the winery. 

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Wall Mounted Control Units

The VinPilot Panel provides an all-in-one system to enable the producer to have an overview of their fermentation control system. Control every tank, all in one place. 

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Fermentation Control Software

VinPilot Pro provides the producer with a fully computerised fermentation control and management system. 

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