Core Equipment supplies a range of in-tank heat exchangers that are suitable for use in tanks that don't have in-built cooling jackets. 

Plate hear exchangers can be manufactured and supplied to meet individual specific requirements, in a range of shapes and sizes. This means that a sutable plate heat exchanger can be supplied for almost any storage and fermentation tank. 

Cooling tubes are an ideal solution for the smaller producer, and can be easily moved between tanks. 

Fermentation control systems, along with chiller and heater-chiller systems need to be installed along with heat exchangers.

Cooling Plates


Cooling plates are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and can also be manufactured to meet specific requirements. Cooling plate surface area, inlet and outlet… more »

Cooling Tube

In-tank cooling tubes are ideal for fast, efficient and flexible cooling. 

The cooling tubes require little work of cost for installation, and are simply… more »