Borelli Group manufacture highly technological bottle rinsing, filling and closing machinery. 

Borelli Group offers exceptional product quality at exceptional prices, providing a range of solutions for rinsing, filling and closure of both glass and PET plastic bottles. Borelli Group's machines are fully adjustable to suit a range of bottle sizes, and can be tailored to meet individual needs. Borelli filling equipment can be used with a wide range of products including wine, oil, distillates, spirits, water and much more. Borelli also offers machinery for the filling of carbonated liquids using CO2 counter-pressure filling. With production rates between 500 and 16,000 bottles per hour, Core Equipment can provide a filling solution for every producer. 

Borelli filling machinery can be supplied in either individual freestanding format, as joint filling and corking/capping units, or as complete rinsing, filling and corking/capping units. See individual links below for specific product information. 

Rinsing, Filling, Capping Units
Free Standing Units
Filling, corking units