Core's range of semi-automatic bag-in-box fillers are supplied by bag-in-box experts Cartobol. 

Semi-automatic bag-in-box fillers are highly efficient and provide the producer with good performance. Able to fill a variety of liquids, into a range of bag sizes, Core's Bag-in-box fillers can be adjusted using the integrated computer program to accurately fill a range of liquid amounts. Easy and simple to use, Core's semi-automatic bag-in-box fillers offer a good solution for a wide range of producers. 

Cartobol EcoFill

The EcoFill is the entry-level semi-automatic bag-in-box filler for the producer with a smaller requirement for bag-in-box filling capacity. Incredibly practical with its built in centrefugal pump and… more »

Cartobol Easy Start

Cartobol's Easy Start STD and ARM provide the drinks producer with a simple, fast and easy to use Bag-in-Box filling option, which can be used with… more »

Cartobol Pro Box

Cartobol's EcoFill ProBox Bag-in-Box filler provides the drinks producer with a simple and easy to use filler, with an automated cap removal and replacement system to increase efficiency… more »

Kreuzmayr KBF 2000 Bag-in-Box Filler

The Kreuzmayr KBF 2000 Bag-in-Box filler is a fully flexible filler that can be easily adjusted to suit a range of individual needs. With a maximum output of… more »

MEP Rox700 Bag-in-Box Filler

MEP's Rox700 Bag-In-Box filling machine is a manual filling machine capable of filling bags between 1 and 28 litres. The bag volume and fill level are digitally measured… more »