Core offer a semi-automatic disgorging line designed to meet capacities of 700 bottles per hour. It is great for smaller wine producers looking for high quality innovative products. Click the image below to find out more about the individual items within the semi-automatic disgorging line. 

Sparkling Wine - Semi-Automatic Disgorging Line 700 BH


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Neck Freezer-BC 128

The Valentin BC 128 neck freezer stores a glycol-water mix in order to freeze yeast deposits in the neck of each bottle before the bottles are conveyed to the disgorging… more »

Manual Disgorging and Dosing Machine – DD 700 M

The Valentin manual disgorging and dosing machine DD 700 M has a rate production of 700 bottles per hour. The equipment uses 0.20 Kw and ensures an efficient process for… more »

Corking & Wiring Machine EcoVal 10 & 20

EcoVal corking and wiring machines are a fantastic option for the small and medium sized sparkling wine producer. The EcoVal's semi-automatic functionality provides production capacities from 200 -… more »

Corking and Wiring Machine – Franval 80

The Franval 80 semi-automatic corking and wiring machine is great for the smaller wine producers with a rate of up to 800 bottles per hour. It is designed… more »

Cork Distributor and Orientator - DOB 3000

The Valentin DOB 3000 cork distributor and orientator has a compact design with a rate production of 1,500 to 3,000 bottles per hour. It increases efficiency through assisting in the… more »

Mixing Machine 4 Bottles - AG4B

The Valentin mixing machine AG4B is a high quality machine with an innovative compact design. It is perfect for smaller wine producers, with a rate production of 1,200… more »

Washing Drying Machine - LSD 10

The Valentin washing drying machine LSD 10 is durable and compact and brings high quality to the semi-automatic disgorging line. The compact washer-dryer LSD 10 is designed to wash and… more »

Foiling and Labelling Machine - Ninette Champagne

The Valentin foiling and labelling machine has a production rate of 700 – 800 bottles per hour and ensures high quality foiling and labelling, to give your bottle the ultimate… more »

Case Closing Machine SK2

The Valentin wine case closing machine SK2 is a high quality innovative machine, ensuring the end process of the wine is completed to a high standard with consistent packaging.

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