Core offers automatic disgorging lines designed for winemakers of varying sizes, with capacities ranging from 700 - over 8,000 bottles per hour. Automatic lines are suitable for a more constant process, and can save money long term as there is no manual input required except for start-up, shut-down and basic supervision. Click the images below to find out more about the individual items within an average automatic disgorging line. 

Sparkling Wine - Automatic Disgorging Line 700 BH


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1. Neck Freezer-BC 128

The Valentin BC 128 neck freezer stores a glycol-water mix in order to freeze yeast deposits in the neck of each bottle before the bottles are conveyed to the disgorging… more »

2. Neck Rinsing Tunnel - RC INOX

The Valentin RC INOX neck rinsing tunnel has a high quality, compact design. The automatic machine ensures efficiency and is suitable for a wide variety of wine producers with an… more »

3. Automatic Disgorging Dosing Machine - DDA 700

The Valentin automatic disgorging dosing machine DDA 700 has a rate production of 700 bottles per hour. The innovative design has a power of 0.20 kW and ensures efficiency for… more »

4. Automatic Corking and Wiring Machine - Franval 1000

The Franval 1000 automatic corking and wiring machine has a rate production of up to 800 bottles per hour. The high quality, compact design ensures efficiency throughout the wiring and… more »

5. Cork Distributor and Orientator - DOB 3000

The Valentin DOB 3000 cork distributor and orientator has a compact design with a rate production of 1,500 to 3,000 bottles per hour. It increases efficiency through assisting in the… more »

6. Mixing Machine 4 Bottles - AG4BA

The Valentin mixing machine AG4BA is a high quality machine with an innovative compact design. It is perfect for the smaller wine producers, with a power of 0.15 kW ensuring… more »

7. Washing Drying Machine - LSD 10

The Valentin washing drying machine LSD 10 is durable, compact and easy to use. The compact washer-dryer LSD 10 is designed to wash and dry standard bottles, special bottles, half… more »

8. Foiling and Labelling Machine - R1000

The Valentin foiling and labelling machine R 1000 is an innovative, high quality, compact machine with a production rate of 700 bottles per hour. It has a power of 2.00… more »

9. Case Closing Machines - SK 2

The Valentin wine case closing machine SK2 is a high quality innovative machine, ensuring the casing of the wine is completed to a high standard with consistent results.

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