The innovative sparkling wine mobile disgorging line trailer manufactured by Valentin, is state of the art for mobile disgorging. The 700 bottle per hour trailer includes a disgorging dosing machine type DD 700 SA, corking wiring machine type Franval 1000, cork distributor and orientator type DOB 3000, a liquor mixer type AG4BA as well as tables and conveyer.

Disgorging Dosing - DD 700 SA

The Valentin automatic disgorging dosing machine DD 700 SA has a rate production of 700 bottles per hour. The innovative design has a power of 0.20 Kw and ensures efficiency for smaller… more »

Automatic Corking and Wiring Machine - Franval 1000

The Franval 1000 automatic corking and wiring machine has a rate production of up to 800 bottles per hour. The high quality, compact design ensures efficiency throughout the wiring and corking of… more »

Cork Distributor and Orientator - DOB 3000

The Valentin DOB 3000 cork distributor and orientator has a compact design with a rate production of 1500 to 3000 bottles per hour. It increases efficiency through assisting in the release of… more »

Mixing Machine 4 Bottles - AG4BA

The Valentin mixing machine AG4BA is a high quality machine with an innovative compact design. It is perfect for the smaller wine producers, with a power of 0.15… more »