Core supplies a number of innovative products specifically designed for the filtration and clarification of wine. 

Along with more traditional filtration methods such as sheet and cartridge filters, there are also more technologically advanced methods such as crossflow and flotation. 

Winery specific filtration and clarification equipment is shown below. 

40 X 40 Sheet Filters

Sheet filters provide simple and easy to use filtration systems for a wide range of products. Fruit juice, cider, wine, beer and more can be filtered using a… more »

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters provide an easy to use and cost effective filtration method, suitable for the filtration of a wide range of products from juice and cider, to beer… more »

'Future' Crossflow Filters

The Future range of crossflow filters provide a cost-effective crossflow option, an ideally suited system for the medium sized producer. Future crossflow filters can be used with a… more »

Vason-Juclas Crossflow Filters

Our range of MFTC hollow-fiber crossflow filters are ideally suited for the filtration of a wide range of products, from juice and cider, to wine, beer and more. more »

Magnum 3-40 Centrifugal Discharge Filters

Magnum centrifugal discharge filters provide a wide range of centrifugal filters that start at 3m2 and range up to 40m2.

These filters are suitable… more »

SEB Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter

SEB DE filters are ideal for filtering juice, wine, cider and other liquids. They are easy to use and to clean owing to their stainless steel construction, back-lit sight glasses… more »