Canning Systems

High quality, technically advanced range of counter-pressure can-filling machines from CODI Manufacturing. The CODI Canning Equipment offers many of the features normally only found on large rotary canning lines including automatic de-palletisation, twist rinse, lid elevators and full conveyance system.

CODI CCL-45 Can Filler and SH-45 Seamer

The CODI Can Filler utilises counter pressure technology normally only found in largescale production machinery. CODI have successfully scaled down this technology to make it affordable for craft brewers. To… more »

CODI Can Depalletising System DPL-250

Semi-Automatic De-Palletiser including an Integrated chain lifting system to elevate cans automatically to next layer and vaccum style pick up assembly. The CODI DPL-250 has various configurations available to handle… more »

CODI Twist Rinse System

The gravity twist rinse trackwork or cage orients aluminum cans into position to rinse and clean prior to filling. Twist Rinse is supplied with a integrated drip pan to capture… more »