Kreuzmayr KEB 1000, 1250 & 1500 Belt Press

The Kreuzmayr KEB 1000, 1250 and 1500 Continuous Belt Presses are a highly efficient means of producing juice from apples, pears and other non-stone fruit and vegetables such as carrot and beetroot. They are a must for the serious juice manufacturer and produce a very high yield and quality of juice. The fruit pulp is delivered onto the moving belt press and progressively squeezed between the belt and a series of rollers to achieve a juice yield of up to 75%. Stone fruit such as cherries, plums and apricots need to have the stones removed, prior to pressing, to ensure a stone-free pulp. All Kreuzmayr belt presses feature innovative labour saving ideas, such as the Kreuzmayr "Easy Clean" system with quickly removable mash deflectors and a belt scraper, which reduce clean-down time and save on labour costs.



Kreuzmayr KEB 1000, 1250 and 1500 Key features:

Easy installation
Simple automated operation
Solid construction of stainless steel and food grade plastic
Variable speed regulator
Variable adjustment control for mash thickness on belt
Variable belt pressure to suit different fruit consistancy
Low maintenance/easy cleaning
Fast processing
Includes a built in CIP clean-in-place system, to keep the pressing belt clean during operation.




Kreuzmayr KEB 1000, 1250 & 1500 Belt Presses - Specification
Model KEB 1000 KEB 1250 KEB 1500
Capacity Kg/hr 3000 4000 5000
Juice yield up to 75% up to 75% up to 75%
Belt width in mm 1000 1250 1500
Belt working width in mm 900 1150 1438
Hopper input height mm 1690 1690 1690
Electrical power 16A/3.5kW 16A/3.5kW 16A/3.5kW
Electrical requirements 400v/50Hz/3 phase 400v/50Hz/3 phase 400v/50Hz/3 phase
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 2750x1890x1690 2750x2140x1690 3500x2500x1690
Weight in Kg 2300 2800 3500