Kreuzmayr KEB 400 Belt Press

The KEB 400 is the latest in the range of high-performance belt presses from Kreuzmayr and is the ideal first belt press for those who are seeking to upgrade from a traditional pack press.

Its compact three pressing roller design delivers a class leading processing capacity of 500Kg per hour with a juice yield of around 70%. The operator can easily adjust the press to compensate for soft or hard fruit by varying the pneumatically operated belt regulating and tensioning system by means of the settings on the control panel.

The KEB 400 a Clean-in-Place system (CIP), to clean the pressing belt during operation.




Key features:
Class leading capacity of 500kg/hour
Juice yield of 70%
Three pressing roller design
Variable belt speed and tension to compensate for fruit quality
Built-in CIP system
Features the Kreuzmayr “Easy Clean” system to minimise clean down time



Kreuzmayr KEB 400 Belt Press - Specification
Model KEB 400
Capacity 500Kg/hour
Juice Yield Up to 70%
Number of pressing rollers 3
Electrical requirements 240v / 50Hz
Air supply requirements 8 bar