Kreuzmayr K2B 1250 Double Belt Press

The Kreuzmayr K2B Double Belt press is a high capacity belt press for large industrial juice and cider producers, offering a class leading processing capacity of ten tonnes per hour. Using two pressing belts through seven main pressing rollers and seven high-pressure rollers, the K2B Double Belt Press provides extremely high processing capacities alongside outstanding juice yields of up to 75%.
The K2B provides the operator with full adjustability; mash thickness and width on the belt are adjustable, along with variable belt speed and tensions allowing for use with a variety of different fruit and vegetables. The option of an additional two repressing rollers is available for increased juice yields. The longer gentle pressing method of the K2B provides high product quality with increased yields.

The double belt press includes the innovative Kreuzmayr ‘Easy Clean’ system, incorporating quick release splash guards and protection plates which allow easy removal of juice collection trays, collection tank and input hopper for fast and effective cleaning. The K2B also includes a technologically advanced Clean In Place (CIP) system, using automatic belt cleaning brushes and high-pressure water belt cleaning jets to keep the belt clean whilst in operation. 
The K2B is manufactured to extremely high standards from stainless steel and food grade plastics, providing high levels of cleanliness alongside impressive levels of machine durability.

Kreuzmayr K2B Double Belt Press Key features:

- Class leading processing capacity of 10 tonnes per hour
- Juice yield of up to 75%
- Full adjustability for processing of varying fruit and vegetables
- Built-in Kreuzmayr “Easy Clean” system to make clean down quicker and easier
- Innovative Clean In Place system to ensure high product quality
- Continuously variable belt speed and tension
- High durability with low maintenance needs
- High manufacture quality from stainless steel and food gade plastics
- Optional addition of two extra re-pressing rollers for incresed yield

Kreuzmayr K2B Double Belt Press - Specification:

K2B Double Belt Press
10 tonnes per hour
Juice Yield
Up to 75%
Dimensions (LxWxH)
3746 x 2206 x 2686
Weight (kg)
Belt working width
Electrical Power consumption
16A / 0.8kW
Electrical Power requirements
400v / 50Hz three phase
Air supply requirements
6 bar