Kreuzmayr KEB 500 Belt Press

The Kreuzmayr KEB 500 belt press is ideal for the medium sized professional juice or cider producer, providing high performance and high juice yeild, along with ease of use and durability. 
With four pressing rollers and variable belt speed and tensioning, the KEB 500 can process up to 850kg of fruit per hour, and provide producers with juice yeilds of up to 75%. Manufactured from laser cut stainless steel and food grade plastics, with sealed grease-refillable roller bearings, the KEB 500 provides high durability and cleanliness with low maintenance needs. 
The KEB 500 belt press includes an array of highly innovative features, improving performance, efficiency, product quality and durability. This belt press includes the Kreuzmayr 'Easy-Clean' system, enabling the operator to easily remove the mesh guard and internal mash deflectors for fast and effective cleaning. This press also includes the integrated Clean In Place (CIP) system, which cleans the belt during operation ensuring product quality stays high. A mash ejection height of 770mm ensures a fruit bin can be used to collect pressed pommace, reducing cleaning times.

Kreuzmayr KEB 500 Key features:

- Class leading processing capacity of approx 850kg per hour
- Juice yield of up to 75%
- Built-in Kreuzmayr “Easy Clean” system to make clean down quicker and easier
- Continuously variable belt speed and tension
- Mash ejection height of 770mm – pressed fruit pomace can be ejected directly into a fruit bin
- High durability with low maintenance needs
- High manufacture quality from stainless steel and food gade plastics
- Runs on three phase 400v/50Hz electrical supply (240v/50Hz and 240v/60Hz also available)

Kreuzmayr KEB 500 Specification:

KEB 500
850kg/hour approx.
Juice Yield
Up to 75%
Dimesnsions (LxWxH)
2220 x 1240 x 1420
Weight (kg)
Belt Width
Belt Working Width
Electrical Power Consumption
Electrical Power Requirements
400v/50Hz three phase
Air Supply Requirements
8 bar
Hopper Fill Height
Mash Ejection Height