Electric Pasteuriser 210 l/h

The EPAS 210 is an electricaly powered pasteuriser that incorporates a tubular coil-in-coil heat exchanger or greater heat exchange efficiency and ease of use. The unit has a capacity of up to 210 litres of juice per hour by virtue of its two 9kW heating elements. Juice is piped from an integral reservoir into a heat exchanger which heats the juice to the required temperature that can be programmed by the operator via a digital display. Juice temperature control is controlled automatically, ensuring that juice can only leave the pasteurisation process once the desired temperature has been reached.



Key Features:

- 2 stage heating element for energy efficiency

- Large 210 litres per hour capacity

- Clean operation - no gas or diesel fumes to extract

- Minimum space requirements

- Integrated juice pump 

- Juice fill level indicator 

- Clear temperature displays for both juice and water temperature

- Easy to clean


Electric Pasteuriser 210 L/h - Technical Specification

Size (mm) length 750
width 700
height 1750
Weight 180 kg
Output 210 l/hr
Power requirements 400V/32 amp