Chamber Pasteurisers - Hot Water Heated

Hot water heated chamber pasteurisers are ideal for pasteurising cold filled and closed bottles, whether they contain fruit juice, vinegar, cider, conserves or chutney, and even canned fruit or vegetables.

Hot water chamber pasteurisers offer safe and easy use, controlled by a digital panel for adjusting heating temperature and cooling times. As filled and closed bottles are placed into the pasteuriser, the need for frequent extensive cleaning is drastically reduced. 

Stainless steel trolleys are filled with the desired product, and then loaded into the pasteurisation chamber. The KKP 360 is able to pasteurise one trolley load per cycle, with the KKP720 able to pasteurise two trolley loads per cycle. 

With a fully insulated stainless steel construction these pasteurisers are efficient. An external hot water heating system is required to heat the water for the pasteuriser, this must have a minimum power output of 36kW. A hot water inlet port on the top of the unit makes for easy installation and connection to the external water heating system.

Key Features:

- Large capacity - up to 720 x 1 litre bottles per hour (more for smaller bottles)
- Stainless steel construction with insulated housing- Electronic temperature and time control- Capable of pasteurising a wide range of products
- Automatic temperature control with individual sensors for water and product temperature

- Suitable for use with a wide range of product types and packaging sizes

KKP 360 & 720 Chamber Pasteuriser - Technical Specification 

KKP 360
KKP 720
Rate of processing
360 one litre bottles per hour
720 one litre bottles per hour
Heating power requirements
36 Kw - hot water boiler not included 
36Kw - hot water boiler not included
Electrical supply
400V/16 amp/1.5 Kw
360 one litre bottles (more for smaller size bottles)
720 one litre bottles (more for smaller size bottles)
Space required (mm)
length 2500
width 1200
height 1800

Available upon request
650 kg