Chamber Pasteurisers - Steam Heated

Steam heated chamber pasteurisers are ideal for larger scale production operations who are pasteurising cold filled and closed bottles. Whether you produce fruit juice, vinegar, cider, beer, conserves, chutney, or even canned fruit or vegetables, steam heated chamber pasteurisers offer a great solution for higher production capacities.

Chamber pasteurisers are safe and easy use, controlled by a digital control panel for adjusting heating temperature and cycle times. Products are loaded into the chamber on pallets, making loading and unloading quick and easy. As filled and closed bottles are placed into the pasteuriser, the need for frequent extensive cleaning is drastically reduced. 

Sizes of the steam heated systems are denoted by Europallet sizes, with a load height of 1500mm. The smallest being the KKP480, able to pasteurise one Europallet-load at a time. Sizes then go up in Europallet sizes, with the KKP960 able to pasteurise two Europallet-loads. Maximum size is the KKP2880, able to pasteurise 6 Europallet loads in one cycle. 

With 100mm of wall insulation, and stainless steel airblower stem injection units, the steam heated pasteurisers are also very efficient. A condensation outlet port in the base of the pasteuriser means water is easile removed from the chamber. 


Key Features:

- Large capacity - up to 6 Europallets per pasteurisation cycle

- Stainless steel construction with insulated housing

- Electronic temperature and time control

- Capable of pasteurising a wide range of products

- Automatic temperature control with individual sensors for steam and product temperature

- Suitable for use with a wide range of product types and packaging sizes

Steam Heated Chamber Pasteurisers - Technical Specifications

Model KKP 480 KKP 960 KKP 2280
Processing Rate

1 Europallet per cycle

2 Europallets per cycle 6 Europallets per cycle
Heating Power Requirements (steam) 80kg per hour 80kg per hour 250kg per hour
Electrical Supply 5.5kW 5.5kW 22kW
Internal Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 1300x900x1800 1300x1800x1800 2500x2500x1800

Steam Heated Chamber Pasteurisers require a seperate steam generator unit.