Kreuzmayr KEB 500 & KEB 750 Belt Press - Stock

KEB 500

This KEB 500 Belt Press is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. The KEB 500 is designed for medium sized juice and cider producers with 4 pressing rollers and a capacity or 1000kg per hour. It benefits from many of the features of the larger Kreuzmayr presses including the Kreuzmayr easy clean system and an elevated mash ejection level so that the pressed apple pomace can be ejected straight into a pallet bin.


- Capacity of 1000kg to 1200 kg per hour (depending on the fruit and operating conditions)
- Yield of up to 75%
- Continuously variable belt speed
- Water consumption for belt cleaning: Approx 3L/operating minute
- Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
- Drive motor: 0.75 kW, 400V/50 Hz
- Washing motor: 0.18 kW
- Belt Dimensions: W 500mm/ L 6600mm
- Working width: 438mm
- Mash output height: 770mm
- Approximate dimensions: L 2220mm x W 1240mm x H 1420mm
- Weight approx. 650 kg

KEB 750

KEB 750 belt press capable of pressing up to 2,400kg per hour of fruit. Features the Kreuzmayr Easy-Clean system to make clean down simpler and quicker at the end of each pressing day. Built in high capacity juice tray.


- Capacity of up to 2400kg per hour
- Four pressing rollers to maximise juice yield (average 75%)
- 750mm variable speed pressing filter/belt
- Variable belt pressure up to 8 Bar
- High pressure belt cleaning device (pressure washer extra)
- Pneumatically operated belt tensioning and regulating system
- Four adjustable feet
- Construction: 304 Stainless steel
- Drive motor: 0.75 kW, 400V/50 Hz
- Belt Dimensions: W 750mm/ L 8000mm
- Working width: 688mm
- Dimensions: L 2610mm x W 1450mm x H 1642 mm
- Approximate weight: 1100 Kg

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