Kreuzmayr KEB 1000 Belt Press - Stock

In stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Continuous belt press capable of pressing between 6,000 and 13,000 lbs of fruit per hour with a 75% yield (depending upon fruit condition). The KEB 1000 is easy to set up, use and clean down owing to its efficient design. It also features the Kreuzmayr Easy-Clean system which allows individual components to be easily removed by the operator during clean-down, helping to provide a cleaner pressing environment and shorter clean-down times.


- Capacity of up to 3000kg per hour (depending on the condition of the fruit)
- Yield up to 75%
- Belt speed - continuously variable 1.0-5.2m/min
- Water consumption for belt cleaning: Approx. 3L/operating minute
- Drive motor 2.2 kW 400V
- Washer motor: 0.25 kW 400V
- Belt Dimensions: W 1000mm/ L 7000mm
- Working width: 900mm
- Approximate dimensions: L 2750mm x W 1890mm x H 1690mm
- Approximate weight: 2300kg

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