Kreuzmayr KKP 360 & 480 Chamber Pasteurisers - Stock

The KKP series of steam powered chamber pasteurisers are easy to install and operate with high capacity and low energy requirements, the KKP range is ideal if you are looking to upscale production whilst minimising capital expenditure and operation room footprint. Steam is provided by an independent steam boiler and introduced into the chamber via a pneumatically powered valve. The steam/air mixture is then circulated within the chamber by a high-powered air blower to ensure even pasteurisation. Temperature is regulated by either the introduction of steam or the venting of steam through flaps on the top of the chamber. The entire process is controlled via a stainless-steel control panel where time, temperature, warm-up and cool-down parameters can be set.

Kreuzmayr - KKP 360 Chamber Pasteuriser s

- Up to 360 x 1litre bottles per hour (more for smaller bottles)
- Automatic temperature control with individual sensors for water and product temperature
- Hot water boiler system required (KPA 500)
- Electrical requirements: 400V / 16A / 1.5kW
- Approximate dimensions: L 2500mm x W 1200mm x H 1800mm
- Approximate weight: 650kg

Kreuzmayr - KKP 480 Chamber Pasteuriser specification:

- Designed to hold one euro-pallet loaded with 40 x crates (L 400 W 300 H 300mm) and with a total load height of 1500mm
- Construction: AISI 304 stainless steel
- Insulation thickness: 50mm
- Steam injection via a pneumatic valve
- Condensation outlet: DN 70 DIN 11851 (or to your specification)
- 4 adjustable feet for levelling
- Approximate steam consumption: 150kg at 1 bar
- Electrical requirements: 400v/50Hz/4kW 3ph
- Internal dimensions: L 1300mm x W 900mm x H 1800mm

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