Scharfenberger Euroselect Destemmer

Scharfenberger destemmers have a wide range of adjustment options, such as variable speed motors for the de-stemming fingers and transport belt. These features allow for optimal separation of berries and stems, whislt at the same time processing the grapes incredibly gently. 

Whole-bunch grapes are fed into the destemmer via the infeed hopper at the bottom of the conveyor and transported to the destemming rollers on the belt. The flexible destemming fingers allow for extremely gentle destemming of the grapes. The variable speed of the destemmer fingers, and belt, allow the user to set specific speeds to meet the individual requirements of the producer and the grape condition. Seperated berries are then sorted depending on ripeness, and discharged into specially designed selection drawers. The selection of grapes dependant on their ripeness is a key factor to supporting high-quality further processing. 


Key features:

- Processing capacity up to 5 tonnes per hour

- Gentle destemming and berry selection

- Pre-juicing

- Variable speed belt and destemming finger drives, for effective use with different grapy types and conditions

- Multi-use as destemmer and direct feed belt into a press or fermenter

- Easy to clean

- Soft destem fingers in multiple line-ups to reduce bruising

- Adaptable to changing needs and requirements

- Solid stainless steel construction

- Four movable wheels (two with brakes)

- Easily accessible feed hopper due to low height

Please get in touch with us for further technical specifications.