Scharfenberger Europress 6 to 9 hl

Scharfenberger have been making the Europress pneumatic grape press for over 30 years and in that time, both the product and the company, have developed a strong reputation for quality, technology and product development. With its roots based in Germany’s wine growing regions, Scharfenberger have now developed their business on a global basis with Europress presses being sold all over the world.

Following continuous development, the Europress is now available in 16 different sizes from 6 to 320 hl press basket capacity.

The Europress 6 or 9 is available with two different press systems (open or closed).

The open press system has a press drum with narrow conical slots on one side; these are shaped and spaced to provide the highest quality juice and prevent blockage of the slots.

The closed press system has removable interior juice channels, the juice drains directly into the juice tray.

With so many options our customers can choose the ideal grape press for their winery’s preferences and requirements.



Key features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Press drum provided with narrow conical slots on one side (open press-system)
  • Removable interior juice channels equipped with extremely narrow slots (closed press-system)
  • Fully automatic digital control (five programs, individually programmable)
  • Integrated air compressor and vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel juice tray, juice outlet DN 50, positioned centrally
  • Pomace emptying aids under membrane for quicker pomace removal
  • Four swivelling transport wheels



 Technical Specification

Item Comment Unit 6 9
Press Drum Volume   Litres 630 880
Capacity Whole cluster Kg 440 660
  De-stemmed/crushed Kg 1280 1920
  Fermented must Kg 2000 3000
Length Without central in-feed mm 1963 2363
Width   mm 1096 1096
Height Standard door mm 1287 1287
Door Opening Standard door mm 500 x 400 500 x 400
Juice Tray Volume (approx) Standard door Litres 280 390