Scharfenberger Europress-Cool with Cooling Jacket

The new Europress-Cool cools down the grapes before and during the pressing cycle. This means that the adverse effects of temperature can be avoided, especially when harvesting during unusually warm weather.

A laser-welded double jacket (pillow plate) covers two thirds of the press drum. This double jacket can be filled with water or cooling agent as required. The cooling liquid is in a closed system and does not require replacement.The inlet temperature can be adjusted. The press drum can be pre-cooled before filling or warmed up if the grapes are too cold.

The Europress-Cool works on a closed-style pressing system, with removable interior juice channels that drain juice directly into the juice collection tray. A sealed juice collection tray is also available as an optional extra, to provide an entirely sealed pressing system.

The Europress-Cool is available in sizes between 20 and 150 hl.



Key features:

  • Keeps grapes cool
  • Drum can be pre-cooled
  • Inlet temperature can be regulated
  • Uses water or cooling agent
  • Stainless steel


  • Drive motor with variable speed (depending on model)
  • Available in a range of sizes