EasyFloat 100

Vason have developed a process of clarification and stabilisation of grape must and fruit juices through flotation with both continuous and discontinuous systems.

Flotation is a separation technique that, like racking, exploits the difference in specific mass between the liquid and the solids to be separated. With racking the solid is characterised by a specific mass that is higher than that of the liquid, but with flotation the opposite is the case, which makes the solid quickly rise again from the bottom to the top. This situation is caused via dissolution of gas, usually compressed air or nitrogen, which adheres to the surface of the solid, making the ‘solid-liquid whole’ lighter than the medium from which it separates itself via flotation.

EasyFloat 100 Key features:

- Flow rate 100 - 200 hl/h.

- Power rate of 4 Kw.

- 1 dosing pump (20 l/h).