C.M.P MMSC Single Cage Gyropalette and PLC

We have this single cage gyropalette in stock at our warehouse in Daventry. It undergoes regular services and will have a full service before shipping. 

If you are interested please get in touch for the offer price and we will ship as soon as the payment has been accepted. 

Gyropalette Key Features:

- Single cage gyropalette to hold up to 504 bottles
- Automatic operation
- Cages can be either Monoblock or TSR
- Frame and cage hot dip galvanised
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 1350 x 1550 x 2250mm
- Power: 230/50Hz 1ph

C.M.P MMSC Single Cage Gyropalette Specification: 

Model Single cage
Length 1350mm
Width 1550mm
Height 2250mm
Power 230/50Hz


PLC Key Features:

- Industrial HMI Touchscreen, by PROFACE

- For one or several riddling machines

- Touchscreen size 6" to 12, black and white or colour

- USB and Ethernet ports available


Technical characteristics screens:

- Mode, manual or automatic 
- 6 customised programs 100 operations each
- management of rotations of 0 to 4/16th per operation
- Management of the direction of rotation to the left or right 
- The inclination of management from 0" to 9" by operation
- Management of a swing before each operation
- Programming in hours and minutes for each operation 
- Cycle start button
- Key advancement of the operation count
- End of cycle button
- Starting the cycle in the operation of choice