MEP Avt 400 ROPP Capper For Threaded Bottle Necks

The Avt 400 is a robust and easy to use capping machine suitable for applying ROPP (Roll On Pilfer Proof), screw caps onto bottles with screw thread necks. The operator places a cap onto the neck of the bottle and then places both in the machine. By pressing two safety buttons at once, a forming device lowers onto the neck of the bottle and shapes the capsule over the threaded bottle neck, thus forming a cap that can only be un-screwed by breaking a seal.


 Key features:

- Semi-automatic action

- Constructed from stainless steel and food grade plastics

- Twin operator buttons for added safety

- Single phase or 3 phase powered machines available

- Quick capping time – about 2.5 seconds per bottle

- Can be adapted to take different bottle sizes



MEP Avt 400 ROPP Capper for Threaded Bottle Necks - Technical Specification

Dimensions (mm) length 460
width 460
height 1650
Electrical Requirements 230V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Weight 90kg
Maximum Capsule Diameter 31.5mm
Maximum Capsule Height 24mm
Maximum Bottle Diameter 195mm
Maximum Bottle Height 355mm
Capping Time 2.5 seconds