CIP system by K+H

With the new CIP systems (CIP = Cleaning in Process) from KH we here at core are in the position to offer you a tailor-made cleaning system to meet all your demands. A great example of top quality German engineering, with a cold or hot procedure we are capable of cleaning your processing plant or individual components without the necessity of disassembling, offering both a stationary and a mobile skid based version. By using only high grade materials we can guarantee the highest of quality and life circle.


The machine is highly versatile and can disinfect processing plant and components and can eradicate dust, limestone, protein, anodized layers, grease in both mucilaginous and crystallised forms, production residue, germs, tartar and other organic deposits.

Key Features:

This CIP system has been designed for a number of applications.

- The cleaning of tanks, filters,bottling/filling stations and heating systems.

- For both mobile and stationary systems with one or more tanksfor complete integration in the process plant needing to be cleaned or in simpler manually operated system.

- For closed loop re-circulating and single pass cleaning systems.

The Performance Spectrum includes.

 - tank size and circulation system according to customer specifications.

-the cleaning system can in accordance to customers wishes be provided with a simple manual mode of transport or with a SPS control unit.

-individual configuration of cleaning programs.

-to ensure the correct dosage of acid and alkaline a dosage pump can be fitted.

-electro-heating elements as well as plate-and-shell and shell-and-tube heat exchanger for heating and cooling the cleaning fluid.

-filter system for the cleaning fluid in the re-circulation system.

-conductivity- and pH measuring devices to adjust the acidity level of the cleaning fluid 

-a mobile or stationary low maintenance easy clean stainless steel frame to support the cleaning system.



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