C.I.P Cleaning Technology by Kiesel

The Kiesel CIP cleaning (Cleaning in place) system is capable of dealing with pipe lines, tanks, pumps, fillers, deberrying machines and conveyor belts can be cleaned via several cleaning procedures without disassembly and this process complies with food law hygiene regulations.


The following cleaning procedures are automatically implemented.


-Rinsing with hot/cold water


-Rinsing with hot lye


-Rinsing with acid


Other cleaning and/or rinsing procedures can be affiliated with disinfectants and steam prodedures, which make production in an aseptic area possible.


In order to obtain a smooth cleaning effect, the following requirements have to be fulfilled.


-Cleaning medium's flow rate must be at least 3 m/sec

-CIP Cleaning compatible equipment, eg. tanks, pumps, fillers

-Automatically controlled cleaning output, which can be documented

We have designed economical application modules, which can be used, especially, in wine cellars, sparkling white wine cellars and fruit juice handling.All valves are controlled by the software. The acid and lye are automatically regulated with precise dosing pumps. Conductability and pH-value are continually measured. Centrifugal pumps are measured according to equipment size.


The Kiesel CIP cleaning module process is as follows.


Control system>hardware/software/stainless steel control box


Valves for>flow/runback/water, lye, acid, pH-measurement, conductometry, centrifugal pumps, dosing pumps with connection thread


The equiment is delivered "ready to use". The containers for the cleaning agent and water are adapted to particular demands. Other accessories, like plate heat exchangers for hot water production or cleaning water recooling can be also be delivered.






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