Vason-Juclas Crossflow Filters

Our range of MFTC hollow-fiber crossflow filters are ideally suited for the filtration of a wide range of products, from juice and cider, to wine, beer and more. 

Filtration cycles are fully automated, which means much less need for labour. The filtration cycle is automated and programmed using the LCD display for the desired flow rates and capacities. These machines also have an automated backflush cycle, automated end-cycle filtration system, and an automated Clean in Place (CIP) system on larger machines. On the smallest model (MTFC01), all systems are atuomated apart from the cleaning cycle where the operator must start the cycle and dose detergents into the machine. 

The range consitsts of crossflow filters that use hollow-fiber membranes, making them highly versatile for use with a wide range of product types. The membranes are symmetric and manufactured from polypropelene, and are encased in a stainless steel vessel. Membrane capilarries are available in different sizes up to a diameter on 1.8mm each. The filtration surface area of each membrane vessel is 15m2, offering flexibility in the production rates of each machine. 

Flow rates are fully adjustable, offering flexibility for different product types. Each membrane vessel has a production capacity of between 3 and 15 hectolitres per hour, this means that production rates on the larger systems can be extremely high, this is of course dependent upon the product type and its characteristics at the time of filtration. 

All models have a maximum operating pressure of 2.5 bar at 20 degrees celsius, and can operate with products in the pH range between 2-13. The cleaning temperature is at 50 degrees celsius, and backflush pressure is 1 bar at 20 degrees celsius. 


Vason-Juclas also offer the MFTS system, an innovative spiral fiber crossflow filtration option. These machines offer a highly delicate filtration method for the highest quality and most delicate of products. The MFTS works in the same way with the same system as the above, with the use of a different membrane construction to further enhance the delecacy of the filtration process. Another optional extra with the MFTC range of crossflow filters is an Isobaric system for the filtration of pre-carbonated products. 


MFTC Crossflow Filtration Systems - Key Points

- Hollow-fiber capillaries provide versatility 

- Fully automated system

- High production capacities 

- High filtration quality 

- Low filtration cost

- Low labour needs 

- Easy cleaning 

- Fully programable filtration cycles 

- Low water and electricity consumption



MFTC Crossflow Filtration Systems - Technical Specifications 

Model Processing Capacity Filtration Surface Area Operating Pressure Inlet Turbidity Power Requirements Dimensions
MFTC-01 3-15 hl/hr 20m2 2.5bar Below 500NM 380V, 50Hz, 3phase

850(l) X 650 (w) X1900mm (h) - 320kg

MFTC-04 12-60 hl/hr 40m2 2.5bar Below 500NM 380V, 50Hz, 3phase On request
MFTC-06 18-90hl/hr 60m2 2.5bar Below 500NM 380V, 50Hz, 3phase On request
MFTC-08 24-120lh/hr 80m2 2.5bar Below 500NM 380V, 50Hz, 3phase On request


For further informaiton on larger crossflow filtration units, please get in touch.