"Saturator" Carbonator

Core Equipment supplies Saturator carbonators, suitable for the carbonation of a range of products including wine, juice, cider, water and beer. 

With its 60 litre carbonation tank the Saturator is capable of carbonating up to 1500 litres of product per hour, depending upon the type of product and its temperature. This system requires the use of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps to transfer the product through the carbonator, which provide a gentle pumping action well suited to the carbonation process. Our range of AODD pumps can be viewed here.

This system works between the product storage tank and the bottle, can, or keg filler; carbonating the product immediately before it's filled. 

The Saturator system uses scales to measure the amount of liquid being passed through the cabonation chamber, with a digital timer to control the amount of time liquid spends in the chamber. This provides flexibility on levels of carbonation for the product, essentially controlling the amount of 'fizz' the product recieves. This system requires a compressed air supply for the AODD pumps, a CO2 supply, product supply and electrical connection. All inlet and outlet valves are available in a range of sizes and fitting types. 


"Saturator" Carbonators Key Features

- Effective Carbonation of wine, juice, cider, water, beer and more! 

- Processing capacity up to 1500litres per hour, dependant upon product type

- Full stainless steel and food grade plastics manufacture

- Precise control over time variables, offering flexibility on carbonation levels 

- All inlet and outlet valves available in a range of sizes and fitting types



"Saturator" Carbonators Technical Specifications 


Saturator Technical Specifications

Tank Volume 

60 Litres

Product Operating Temperature 

-10°c - +90°c

Tank Operating Pressure

up to 5bar

Maximun Processing Capacity

1500 litres/hour