"Polver" Carbonators

Polver carbonators are suitable for the carbonation of a variety of products, including wine, cider, juices and more. With a production capacity up to 500 litres per hour dependant on product type, the Polver carbonation system is ideally suited to any sized producer. 

The Polver system produces extremely fine bubbles within the product due to high CO2 saturation levels. This is achieved through dual saturation chambers; the pre-saturation chamber removes any existing gasses from the product allowing greater COS saturation, the Polver's main saturation chamber then effectively saturates the product with CO2. An innovative system is used to give the product an increased surface area within the saturation chamber, ensuring high CO2 saturation levels which leads to fine bubbles within the end product. 

Twin impeller pumps are used to transfer the product through the carbonation system. This enables the Polver system to be situated between the storage tank and bottle/can/keg/bag-in-box filling machine, so the carbonated product can be fiilled immediately. Electrical level sensors automatically control the pumps to ensure the correct amount of product is processed, providing the product with the required CO2 saturation levels. Full stainless steel manufacture, with reliable impeller pumps and components make the Polver system highly reliable and very easy to keep clean. 


"Polver" Carbonators - Key Features 

- Effective carbonation of a wide range of products

- Processing capacity up to 500litres per hour, dependant on product type

- Full stainless steel and food grade plastics manufacture

- Dual saturation chambers for increased CO2 saturation

- Fine bubbles produced in product, due to high saturation levels


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