Liverani EP Major Flexible impeller pump

We have the Liverani impeller pump in stock so it can be shipped right away. This pump is brand new and in top condition. Please contact us for more details about offer price. Stainless steel impeller housings offer cleanliness, high performance and reliability. 

Key Features

- Automatic priming of the product up to 6m even from dry start up
- Reversable operation - the pump can operate in both rotation directions, allowing the return of excess liquid
- Excellent priming action even at low revolutions, allowing the transfer of soft and fragile fluids
- Smooth steady pumping action of the product without pressure spikes, providing even flow rate ideal for filling, dosing and filtration
- EP range pumps can work in all mounting positions
- Type: flexible impeller
- Impeller type: natural rubber
- Single speed: 900rpm
- Capacity: 15,000 litres/hour at a head of 8m
- Electric power: 400v/50Hz/1.87kW 3ph 
- Switch: forward/reverse and stop/ IP55 protection
- AISI 316 stainless steel pump head with DN 60 connectors
- Mounted on a trolley


Type  Capacity (l/h) RPM Motor Kw HP Speed Weight Fittings
EP Major 60 22,500 900 Three phase 1.87 2.5 1 31Kg Garolla 60

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