Insulation Tank

The IZO tank has a built in cooling jacket is used for cold wine stabilization, fermentation and storage of wine. The thick layer of polyurethane foam ensures a good insulation characteristic of this tank. The big sized cooling jacket ensures a fast lowering of the temperature inside the tank.






Key Points for basic model 

-Isolation via 50mm of polyurethane foam

-Manhole cover

-Conical off-centred bottom

-Relief valve

-Support for ladder

-Level indicator with scale

-Analogue thermometer

-Sampling valve

-Cooling jacket

-Polished with rotated overlapping pads





Key Points for advanced model (in addition to features of basic model)

-Cap with chain

-Digital Thermometer with control

-Level indicator with scale

-Ball and butterfly valves

-Adjustable legs

-Slope fitting for mixer


-Jacket for heating

-Cooling jacket

-Fitting for shield gas

-Dismountable pipe for level indicator

-Polished mirror finish surface





The tanks are avalible in the following sizes


IZO Tank      
Diameter (mm) Minimum Capacity (litres) Ranging Upto Maximum Capacity (litres)
797 500   1500
956 750   2150
1116 1250   3950
1275 2000   5150
1402 2400   6250
1593 4150   10100
1752 5000   12200
1911 6000   14600
2071 8750   20500
2230 10200   23900
2501 15300   39800






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