Mixing Tank

The M tank is a multi-purpose mixer and is meant for usage in the wine production. The removable door enables an easy charge and the geared motor enables complete control over the mixing process depending on the contents you are mixing. For a better mixing efficiency this tank has a built-in flow breaker.


 Key points for basic model

 -Conical off-centered bottom

-Geared motor with mixer

-Flow breaker

-Flap cover

-Type plate with note card


-Ball valve on clean discharge port

-Ball valve on total discharge port

-Polished with rotated overlapping pads




Key Points for advanced model (in addition to features of basic model)


-Sampling valve 

-Level indicator with scale

-Choice of digital/analogue thermometer

-Caps for valves

-Ball and butterfly valves

-Mirror finish on surface





The tank is available in the following sizes.


M Tank  
Diameter (mm) Capacity (litres)
956 730
1116 1000
1275 1500
1275 2000
1402 2500






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