Floating Cap Tank

The PP tank was produced with a floating cap and is used for the storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. The inside of the tank is highly polished and does not allow the liquid inside to mix with dirt and dust, this feature also facilitates the cleaning of the tank. Pipes and valves are made of stainless steel so the liquid should never come into contact with a contaminated surface.



Key Points

-Dust cap

-Floating cap

-Sampling tap

-Tap on clean discharge port

-Ball valve on total discharge port

-Conical off-centered bottom

-Polished with rotated overlapping pads

-Taps and valves made of stainless steel




The tank is available in the following sizes


PP Tank  
Diameter (mm) Capacity (litres)
246 15
360 50
420 100
510 150
510 200
637 320
637 400
730 520
797 620
956 900
956 1100
1116 1500
1116 2000






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