B Series

B series eccentric screw pumps are designed and manufactured specifically for use in the distillery - and with a particular focus on the ability to pump products with fruit stones in suspension. 

Eccentric screw pumps have become widely used across the industry due to their incredibly gentle pumping action. The rotating eccentric screw transfers the product with minimal disturbance due to the virtually pulsation free continuous pumping action. The eccentric screw pump's self-priming capabilities also add to it's flexibility of use. These pumps can also be used to transfer products that have high viscosity, and to transfer products with large solids in suspension. 

B series pumps can be used across the distillery for a wide range of transfer applications. From pumping fruit pomace and mash, to use in filtration due to the continuous pumping action - a fantastic multi-purpose pump that you can reply on time and time again. 

The B series pumps have 'long-geometry' pumping rotors with very gently angled screw turns that add to the gentle pumping action. This also means that these pumps are ideally suited to pumping mashes with larger solids in suspension. 


B-Series Key Points

- Specifically designed for use in the distillery

- Effective transfer of products with fruit stones in suspension

- Particularly suitable for drawing off, for filtration, and pumping fruit mash

- Exceptionally gentle, pulsation free pumping aciton

- No destruction of seeds or solids

- Great self priming capacity up to 6 m Ws

- Transfer of hot mash (up to 100 degrees C)

- Compact, mobile construction design

- Vibration-free operation with a special hollow rotor

- All parts that come in contact with product are made of stainless steel 


B-Series Technical Specifications


Pump Series Output (m^3/h) Drive Capacity (kW) Revolutions (min^-1) Weight (kg) Art.-No.
SP05B02 5 1 700 57 3712
SP05B02 10 1.9 1400 57 3712
SP05B03 1.5-9.0 2.2 250-1400 78 3805
SP06B01 10 2.2 700 90 22296
SP06B02 10 2.4 700 90 3814
SP06B02 20 3.5 1400 90 3814
SP06B03 2.5-12.0 3 160-800 110 25761
SP10B01 18 4 600 110 14733
SP10B02 9 4 300 110 3822
SP10B02 18 4 600 110 3822
SP10B03 3.5/1.8 4 125-625 145 3824
SP12B01 20 5.5 400 135 23400
SP12B03 5.0-30.0 5.5 125-600 160 29700


Pump Differentials  
Pump Type  
SP..B01 1 speed
SP..B02 2 speed (pol-changing motor)
SP..B03 1 vario gear
SP..B04 2 speed with vario gear
SP..B05 frequency regulated motor
......B... without bypass





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