Liverani Miniverter Variable Speed Impeller Pumps

Liverani's innovative Miniverter variable speed impeller pump offers outstanding performance flexibility with exceptional value for money. 

The Miniverter is available in two models, the Mini 3/4" and the Midex 1"1/4. The Mini offers capacities between 270 and 1620 litres per hour, and the Midex offers capacities between 1200 and 5760 litres per hour. The variability of the Miniverter range provides a pump that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, reducing the need for expenditure on multiple different sized pumps. 

Sinle phase electrical motors provide speeds between 285rpm and 1400rpm, providing the capability for use at lower speeds with more delecate produce. Stainless steel impeller housings offer cleanliness, high performance and reliability. A range of impeller types in varying flexibilities mean the pumps can be used to transfer a range of products. Liverani offer their pumps with a range of connectors and fittings available - providing full flexibility allowing the pumps to fit straight in to existing production systems.

Pumps in the EP range can include an optional trolley for ease of transportation, along with a range of other optional extras including radio remote control. Exceptional value offering high performance and reliability.

Key Features:  

- Variable speed for use in a range of situations and with a range of products 

- Excellent priming action even at low revolutions, allowing for the trasfer of fragile products 

- A range of impeller types for use with a range of products 

- A range of fittings available to suit individual requirements 

- Smooth pumping action without pressure spikes, providing even flow rate 

Liverani Miniverter Range - Technical Specification

Type Capacity (l/h) RPM Motor



kW Speed Fittings
Miniverter MINI 3/4"
270-1620 285-1400 Single Phase 230V / 50Hz 0.56 Variable  BSP
Miniverter MIDEX 1"1/4 1200-5760 285-1400 Single Phase 230V / 50Hz 0.75 Variable   BSP