Liverani EP Centrifugal Pumps

Liverani's EP centrifugal pumps offer a wide range of gentle action pumps for a variety of uses and production capacities. Outstanding value for money, the EP centrifugal range provides a solution for a wide variety of producers.

A316 stainless steel pump housings offer cleanliness, high performance and reliability. A range of drive shaft seal types allow the pumps to be used to transfer a range of products. Liverani offer their centrifugal pumps in 1400 to 2800 rpm models, with direct current, single or triple phase electrical requirement, and with a range of connectors and fittings available - providing full flexibility allowing the pumps to fit straight in to existing production operations.

Pumps in the EP centrifugal range can include an optional trolley for ease of transportation, along with a range of other optional extras including radio remote control. Exceptional value offering high performance and reliability. 

Key Features: 

- Automatic priming of the product up to 6m even from dry start-up

- Reversible operation - the pump can operate in both rotation directions, allowing the return of excess liquid 

- Excellent priming action even at a low revolutions, allowing the transfer of soft and fragile fluids

- Smooth steady pumping action of the product without pressure spikes, providing even flow rate ideal for filling, dosing or filtration

- EP range pumps can be ordered with a range of features to give the customer full flexibility and control over the specification of their pump

Liverani EP Range - Technical Specifications

Type Maximum Capacity (l/h) RPM Motor kW HP Speed Weight
EP NEOS 3/4"
1,740 2800 Single & Three Phase 0.22 0.3 1 4.9kg
2,160 3000 DC 0.45 0.6 1 4.7kg
1,500 2000 Single & Three Phase 0.26 0.35 1 1kg


2,580 2000   DC  0.37  0.5 1  9.1kg
3,480 2800   Single & Three Phase 0.45 0.6 1  9.5
EP SENIOR 1" 1/2 7,200 1400  Single & Three Phase, DC 1.12 1.5 1 20kg
EP MASTER 2"  13,800 1400 Single & Three Phase, DC 2.5 1.86 1 35.5kg
EP Inox 70 30,000 1400 Three Phase 10 7.5 1 68kg