Tank Mounted Control Units

Tank mounted control units provide precise tank-by-tank control, easily adjustable when working in the winery. 

The VinPilot One Flex and VinPilot One Split offer a great system for on-tank centrol units. Easy operation with the unit's buttons, tanks can be set to request heating or cooling, and a desired internal product temperature is set. The unit shows the actual internal temperature all of the time, with the desired temperature shown and adjusted with the press of a single button. The tank mounted untis are connected to a thermometer, a motorised ball valve for requesting cooled/heated fluid, and also connected to the main system controls to relay messages to the pumps and cooling unit. 

The VinPilot One Flex has a thermometer connected directly into the rear of the tank mounted unit. This thermometer is inserted into the tank sleve for accurate temperature reading. The VinPilot One Split is connected to a tank sleve thermometer via a cable, providing the option for the control unit to be placed somewhere on the tank that is away from the tank sleve. This is an ideal solution for tall tanks, stacking tanks, compartmental tanks or artisanal tanks with thermometer ports away from the required location for the control unit. 

The VinPilot One system provides fantastic flexibility, with a solution and option to meet any need within the winery, ciderworks or brewery. The flexible set up also effectively means that the tank control units can be moved around, and used on more than one tank throughout the fermentation process. 

This system is also flexible in the sense that it is incredibly easy to expand for use with more tanks in the future, provoding a great future-proofing solution. 


Controls for each tank mounted unit are shown below: