Wall Mounted Control Units

The VinPilot Panel provides an all-in-one system to enable the producer to have an overview of their fermentation control system. Control every tank, all in one place. 

VinPilot Panels are available in a range of sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 tanks per cabinet. Cabinets can be used at intimediary stages, for example the 20-tank panel can be used initially for 15 tanks. This provides a fantastic modular style system that is easily expandable. In addition to this, a 10-tank panel can be installed initially, and another 10-tank panel can be installed at a later date and added into an existing fermentation control system. 

This system offers easy operation with the unit's buttons, tanks can be set to request heating or cooling, and a desired internal product temperature is set. The wall mounted contorl unit shows the actual internal temperature all of the time, with the desired temperature shown and adjusted with the press of a single button. The control untis are connected to a thermometer, a motorised ball valve for requesting cooled/heated fluid, and also connected to the main system controls to relay messages to the pumps and cooling unit. For even greater control and flexibility this system can be linked together with tank mounted control units on each tank. 

Another key advantage of the panel system is the strong cost to performance ratio. With all controls in one central place, this means less components on the tank front, less outlaying costs for components and less installation time. 


Controls for each tank control unit within the panel are shown below.