Cooling Tube

In-tank cooling tubes are ideal for fast, efficient and flexible cooling. 

The cooling tubes require little work of cost for installation, and are simply lowered into the tank through the tank's bung-hole. The specially designed silicone plug means that the fermentation tube can still be attached. 

The cooling tube provides an easy to use and flexible option for fermentation control. Being able to move the cooling tube between tanks adds to flexibility, and makes the system highly cost effective. 

Made of high quality V4A stainless for efficient heat transmission. In contrast to conventional corrugated tubes, the slight surface corrugation (spiral) makes the heat transmission and cleaning process easier. This is because the structure stops water pockets forming at the pouring point of the cooling water. The shape of the piping means the fermentation product cannot be deposited between the spiral corrugation. The product is also compatible with the PFC-3 Solo fermentation controller and the iFerm Solo.



The product is available with the following sizes:


Product code Cooling Volume (hl) Length (mm) Cooling surface (m^2 | kW) Connection
KSR_5010 10 1000 0.18 | 0.4 Bayonette
KSR_5020 20 2000 0.35 | 0.8 Bayonette
KSR_5025 25 2500 0.44 | 1.0 Bayonette
KSR_5030 30 3000 0.53 | 1.2 Bayonette
KSR_5040 40 4000 0.70 | 1.6 Bayonette
KSR_5050 50 5000 0.88 | 2.0 Bayonette



Technical specification  
Silicone food stopper bung DN50 with additional bore
Material stainless steel & buffed brass
Bend radius min. 80 mm
Operating pressure max. 10 bar