KWEM 1000 Washer Elevator Mill

The KWEM 1000 has been designed to prepare fruit prior to pressing. Fruit is emptied into the water bath from where it is elevated by flighted conveyor into a fruit mill.The ground fruit pomace is then ejected into a press or a pump for further processing.The mill can be automatically controlled by three sensors built into the press or the pump, so that the pomace output does not exceed the rate at which it can be handled by the receiving press or pump hopper.

The KWEM has a high capacity throughput of up to 2 tonnes per hour, thanks to its powerful 3 kW fruit mill motor and variable speed elevator. Also available as the KWE 1000 without the integrated mill and automatic stop/start control.

Key features:

- High capacity – up to 2 tonnes per hour
- Variable speed elevator
- High yield fruit mill with Kreuzmayr mill head technology
- Automatic stop/start function controlled by 3 sensors attached to the receiving press/pump
- Fold-away sorting table

Kreuzmayr KWEM 1000 Washer/Elevator/Mill - Specification

 KWEM 1000
 Mill Motor
 Elevator Motor
 Dimensions (LxWxH)
 3100 x 675 x 2200mm