Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Core Equipment supply the Astrafood range of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD). 

AODD pumps use compressed air to inflate the pump's internal diaphragms, which in turn transfers the product. These pumps are well suited for use in a range of different processes including the carbonation process, the bottling process, and other product transfer tasks. The very gentle pulsating pumping action means there is minimal disturbance and agitation to the product, ideal for carbonated and delecate products including beer, wine, cider, spirits, juice, oils and even honey. 

These pumps are incredibly simple to use, requiring only inlet and outlet connections along with connection to a compressed air supply. Manufactured completely from A316 stainless steel, these pumps are completely food-safe and hygenic, and with no electrical parts they are very simple and incredibly robust. Available in a range of pumping capacities, Core can supply the righ AODD pump to meet your exact needs. 

Optional specifications with these AODD pumps include a pneumatic or electronic batch dosing system, providing the oerator with pre-set control of the number of cycles the pump delivers before stopping. Stainless steel trolleys are available for easy transportation and storage. A pulsation dampening system is also available to significantly reduce the typical pulsation pumping action delivered by AODD pumps. Other options include an air regulator system, shock absorber system, flexible connections kit, and valve adaptors are all available upon request for a small extra cost. 

Astrafood AODD Pump Key Points

- Gentle pulsating pumping action meaning minimal product agitation

- Complete stainless steel construction, meeting food safety requirements

- Ideal for use across a range of drinks production processes

- A range of pumping capacities are available

- Pulsation dampening system available to further reduce product agitation

- No electrical components, very simple and incredibly robust

- Only needs to be connected to a compressed air supply

Astrafood AODD Pump Technical Specifications


Pump Model DFA50C DFA75 DFA125 DFA150 DFA200
Capacity (litres/min) 50 100 250 500 680
Capacity (litres/hour) 3,000 6,000 15,000 30,000 40,800
Max. Head 70m 70m 70m 70m 70m
Air Connection 1/4"BSP 1/2"BSP 1/2"BSP 3/4"BSP 3/4"BSP
Suction Lift 5m 6m 6m 6m 6m
Pump Weight 6kg 9kg 20kg 58kg 60kg