Premium Fructo

Premium Fructo yeast is suited for the production of sparkling wines and champenoise. It is excellent for stuck fermentations and is chose due to its special capacity of fructose Selected by Enologica Vason, in collaboration with the ENSAM (SupAgro) of Montpellier.
Premium Fructo is a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus selected for its particular metabolic activity, linked to its capacity to assimilate fructose. As the first in the field, Enologica Vason, in collaboration with the ENSAM of Montpellier, has determined the specific characteristics of this strain of Saccharomyces bayanus, which is especially well suited for fructose consumption. The benefits are taken in stuck or sluggish fermentations, when the sugar present is almost exclusively fructose, which is difficult to assimilate by the enological yeast strains on the market.
Premium Fructo is also very resistant to alcohol, sulfur, and diverse pH and temperature conditions.
Other than to remedy stopped fermentation, the use of Premium Fructo is recommended to prevent potential stopped fermentation in wines with an alcohol level above 13.5°, using sequential fermentation.

 Premium Fructo Key features: 

- High alcohol tolerance (up to 18°C) 

- Good resistance at low pH and sulphur dioxide

- Elegant and fine bouquet in re-fermentation

- Excellent in fermentative recovery