V Starter Premium

V Starter Premium is an activator resulting from the most advanced research (*) carried out by Enologica Vason. V Starter Premium was specifically improved in order to reduce volatile acidity and acetaldehyde (**) and to immediately provide revitalized and rehydrated yeast with the nutrients necessary for rapid multiplication and a quick fermentation start.
Its composition is intentionally devoid of sources of ammoniacal nitrogen, thus forcing the yeast to use the other sources of nitrogen (mostly amino-acidic) present in V Starter Premium. It is also rich in sterols and other micro-elements with a vitamin function, supplied by the yeast cell walls. It provides the yeast with the substances necessary to optimise the “pied de cuve” and ensure a regular fermentation course.

V Starter Premium Key features: 

- Ensure a regular and “clean” fermentation.

- Studied to immediately provide to rehydrated yeast the necessary substances.

- Reduce the production of volatile acidity and acetaldehyde.

- Rich in sterols and other micro-elements with a vitamin function.